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Top 4 free entertainment apps for ios

There is so much content to watch and listen to these days. Undoubtedly, there are many platforms in your mobile phone that have a long list of apps that can help you get rid of boredom because there are various apps available in the App Store and each of them can entertain you in one way and use your time.

However, not all of them are available for free. In addition, it is very difficult to find a program that can be suitable for you. In this article on the Free Phone App site, we decided to introduce you the best of them after reviewing hundreds of apps, so stay with us until the end of this article.

App Name Rate on App Store Number of Installs
Netflix **** 335K
IMDB ***** 446K
NASA App ***** 63K
Spotify ***** 24M


Netflix is one of the best entertainment apps for iPhone and iPad that exposes you to a huge collection of TV shows and movies. Not only does this app have TV shows and movies, but it also has its own original series, movies, and documentaries. It’s always adding more content and you can find your favorites by browsing the titles. Netflix recommends new shows and titles based on your interests; It also allows you to create up to five individual profiles per account.

Different profiles created allow people to manage profiles and Netflix recommends shows according to each profile’s tastes; Netflix also offers a trial month, and if you like the streaming service, you can continue, and membership is available on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel whenever you decide to stop. All you have to do is sign up and start streaming.

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The ability to access a large number of documentaries, movies and TV shows

Simple user interface

The possibility of using the trial format of the app


If you want to be able to fully use this app, you need to purchase its subscription


Top 4 free entertainment apps for ios

Whenever you plan to watch a movie or want to watch a TV show and recommended content, the first thing you do is check the rating to know if it’s worth it or not. You can watch trailers, read reviews from critics and users, book previews, and more. Rate TV shows and movies; You can also read news and information related to entertainment. A larger collection of TV and entertainment shows and information about the actors and crew who have worked with you.

You can see events like the Oscars and the Golden Globes. You’ll also get notifications of new trailers for upcoming movies or TV shows, showtimes, and more. You can also book a movie ticket from the nearest theater app and all you have to do is log in and access the amazing movies and TV shows in your watch list.


Ability to view high-rated movies

The possibility of commenting on movies and apps

The possibility of booking theater tickets etc.

Top 4 free entertainment apps for ios


Top 4 free entertainment apps for ios

With the NASA app, you can enjoy the latest images, videos, mission information, news, feature stories, tweets, NASA TV and special content from the NASA Archives. You can also view upcoming ISS viewing opportunities and receive notifications before they happen, as well as watch live streaming video of the high-definition Earth observation experiment on the ISS. This app displays 2D maps and 3D earth models of satellite tracking with the International Space Station and other Earth orbiting satellites. These are not the only features offered by the NASA app, and you can enjoy much more using this app and its many uses.

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Ability to access the latest videos, images and mission information

Possibility of live broadcast of earth observation tests

Providing two-dimensional and three-dimensional maps of the earth and satellite tracking

Top 4 free entertainment apps for ios


Spotify is one of the best ways to listen to your favorite songs on your mobile or tablet. You can search for any artist or album and listen to it for free. You can create a playlist of your favorite songs and share them. If you have an iPhone, you can play any artist, album, or playlist in tap mode. Also, if you have an iPad, play any song at any time. You can buy the premium version and play any song anytime on any device. You can also listen to your favorite songs offline; In addition, with a premium account, you get better sound quality. Also, this app lets you get rid of ads as well.


Ability to listen to a large volume of songs and albums

Ability to use your account on other devices

Ability to listen to music offline


If you want to be able to access all the features of this app, you need to purchase its subscription.


In this article on the Free Phone App site, we have introduced you the best apps that you can use for free for your entertainment. There are other apps that you can use but, in this article we introduced the best of them to you.

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