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Top 5 free violin learning apps for iphone

If you have never had any experience in playing the violin; Learning and playing the violin will take some time to master, but violin learning programs can definitely speed up the process. With free violin learning apps, you will discover how you can improve your skills in just a few weeks.

There are so many apps out there that allow you to train and challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible; But in this article on the Free Phone App site, after reviewing hundreds of apps, we chose the best ones for you, and we will share them with you in the rest of this article.

App Name Rate on App Store Number of Installs
Trala ***** 3.4K
Tonestro ***** 497
Violin *** 54
Violy **** 114
MyOngaku **** 4.6K

With these apps you can learn to play the violin and work on exercises, develop your ear, experiment with different tunings, and access endless pieces of violin music. Whether you have just started working with the basics or you are looking for more advanced content, countless programs for violin are right at your disposal, and in this article on the site, we will provide you with the best of them along with the download link from the App Store.


Trala1 6 11zon

A great app that teaches violin using video-based lessons. Terrala helps violinists of all skill levels, from picking up their first violin to improving their technique and expanding their musicality. This program is great for beginners and claims to help violinists learn highly professional songs in the first 30 days. The program also uses video-based methods similar to many online learning platforms such as YouTube. Videos are good for learning information, but not for learning things like playing an instrument, playing a game, or a sport. This app is free but will come with in-app purchases.

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Trala2 7 11zon

Strengths of the Trala :

The possibility of using the best and most up-to-date information

Free access to basic training

Supported devices: iOS, Android

TonestroRecorder Lessons tonestro 1 1 11zon

Tonestro is a violin learning app that helps you improve your skills with hands-on exercises, lessons and video tutorials by music experts. The app gives you instant feedback on pitch and rhythm every time you practice. You can discover hundreds of great songs that make practicing the violin really fun. It is a very user-friendly application that allows you to create and collect your preferred music. The price of this program is free, and you can access its various parts with in-app purchases.

Recorder Lessons tonestro 2 2 11zon

Supported devices: iOS, Android

Strengths of the program:

Practical exercises

Regular training and follow-up of music experts


The Violin App 1 3 11zon

It is a music game that can easily be considered as a new way of learning. This means that instead of playing on a virtual guitar, you have to do it on a lovely virtual violin. This real app advises you to play any song on your phone while you stimulate the bow. It can play three different modes and also guide you in learning the violin. The price of this program is free to start with in-app purchases.

The Violin App 2 4 11zon

Supported devices: iOS, Android


Violy Smart Music Classroom 2 9 11zon

The Violy app makes practicing your violin easier for music teachers, language learners and musicians of all levels. It is a smart music class that allows music students to practice anytime, anywhere, and allows music teachers to start music class online and track music assignments. The app detects your performance and, meanwhile, the cursor on the screen matches the notes of the music being played. The price of this app is free, which will be accompanied by in-app purchases.

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Violy Smart Music Classroom 1 8 11zon

Supported devices: iOS, Android


MyOngaku is a free violin app for iPhone and iPad. Created by violin teachers and musicians, MyOngaku uses the Suzuki Method to help new Suzuki violin students and their parents get the most out of their practice time. This helps students play the right notes, stay in time, and maintain proper rhythm, bowing, fingering, and posture. The app has over 500 videos to help you learn and play, from short pieces of music played slowly to full pieces played at medium speed.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Supported devices: iOS


In this article on the Free Phone App site, we answered one of the most important questions of users and taught the best violin learning apps on the iPhone that are available for free. There are other apps that you can use to learn, but in this article we mentioned the best of them.

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